For Job Seekers

Jamie helps you to find the most suitable job listings based on the resume you created. Find jobs easily with the help of Jamie.
Resume Editor

Create and update your resume with our Resume Editor. There are various templates to choose from, and it's absolutely free!

Search Jobs

Search our database for suitable jobs. Jamie will learn and recommend other related jobs to you!

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Quick Apply

Use our Quick Apply feature to submit your resume to employers in a single click!

Job Match

Jamie reads your resume and recommends job listings to you. She will also recommend you to potential employers!

For Recruiters

Create job listings and search through our resumes.
Jamie will recommend suitable job seekers to you!
Search Resume

We give job seekers a free tool to create their resumes. We let you search through the database of resumes. Get the idea?

Job Listings

Post your jobs for FREE! We strive to help job seekers find the most suitable jobs and we need help by posting the job listings!

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After you post your job listings, Jamie posts them on Facebook and Telegram for you!

Job Match

Jamie reads your job listings and requirements. Then, she will recommend suitable candidates to you!

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Meet the Team

Hello, we are the humble team behind JobJamie. As of now, 66% of us love a chat over a cuppa. Jamie doesn't function very well with water. If you also have a passion to help jobseekers find job easily, we'd love to hear from you!
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Co-Founder / BizDev
Francis CHONG
Francis has years of experience in the recruitment fields and takes joy in matching a job seeker with a suitable job. During his free time, Francis takes part in various sports that his injured knees can handle.
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Co-Founder / Tech
Derek CHUA
Derek loves to code. He doesn't like to talk. His favourite language is PHP. During his free time, he talks to Jamie.
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Job-Matching Superstar
Jamie AI
One day, Jamie might be smart enough tell us about herself. But as of now, let's pretend she actually loves what she is great at - matching job seekers to suitable jobs within the shortest time.


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We love to collaborate and share ideas about how to improve Job Matching! We hope to meet more like-minded people. Let's have coffee! (without Jamie, of course)