Jia décor is an online interior design service that helps you put together your dream space at the convenience of your time and location.

Apart from Jia décor, we also have a studio offering 3d and 2d services. Jia Studios LLP has worked with 100 local-based projects and has consistently persisted in the quest to provide clients with breath- taking renders, visual treatments and astonishing edits for residential and commercial interior space planning.

With a growing international and domestic clientele, JIA has developed a studio pipeline which is at the forefront of technology and skill enabling a unique merging between cinematic visual effects and architectural design. With the knowledge that successful space planning is a result of uncovering and understanding that visualisation is needed, and the key objective is to fulfil our clients’ needs.

How It Works.


Upload your floorplan, photos of your room, style and inspiration images for our designers to review.


Your designer proceeds to create two initial concept boards based on your style inspiration. Review two different concept boards based on your style inspiration and input. Simply choose the one that you like most!


Furniture space planning. Save the hassle of moving your furniture around just to find the best layout. Have your space efficiently planned out by our team of experienced interior designers.


Receive a 3D Visualization of your room. A design that is uniquely yours. We customize the design according to your likes and dislikes. Best of all, you get a glimpse of what your interior space will look like through 3D visualisation.


A personalised shopping list based on the proposed design to make buying everything easy The list includes information that you would require in order to make a purchase.




  • 2 initial concept boards
    (up to two rounds of revisions in total)
  • Online messaging with your designer
  • Custom floorplan
  • 3D Perspective
    (up to two rounds of revisions)
  • Personalized shopping list

2-3 weeks lead time




  • 2 initial concept boards
    (up to two rounds of revisions in total)
  • Online messaging with your designer
  • Custom floorplan
  • 3D Perspective
    (up to two rounds of revisions)
  • Personalized shopping list

3-4 weeks lead time




  • 2 initial concept boards
    (up to two rounds of revisions in total)
  • Online messaging with your designer
  • Custom floorplan
  • 3D Perspective
    (up to two rounds of revisions)
  • Personalized shopping list

4-5 weeks lead time



How long does the typical online interior design project take?

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the process, which includes two initial design concepts, messaging time with your designer, and your final design, furniture layout, and shopping list.

Can I talk to my designer during the design process?

Yes! You'll communicate with your interior designer during the design process via online messaging available during office hours - Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 7pm.

Can designers work with my existing furniture?

Of course! There will be a section in the questionnaire where you will be asked to indicate any furniture you would like to incorporate in the design. You are strongly encouraged to share photos of the existing furniture you would like to keep, and provide the measurement of the pieces.

Will designers stay within my budget?

Yes, our designers will do their due diligence to keep your budget in mind during the design process and the selecting of furniture.

Where do you source products from?

All products that our designers choose can be purchased locally. The personalised shopping list that our designers provide will include the source, model, dimension, colour, and price of the product to ensure a smooth and easy shopping experience for you.

Does the room need to be a clean slate? Or can my designer incorporate my existing pieces?

No, it is not a requirement for your room to be in a clean slate. Please take photos of the current layout of your room and list the pieces you’d like to keep in the questionnaire. You will also be required to state the measurement of these pieces as it will help your designer incorporate them into your new design more accurately.

Can I upload images of my room?

Yes. Providing photos of your space is an important part of the design process. You will be required to upload 6-10 images of your space and we strongly encourage you to upload any inspiration that might be helpful to the designers, i.e. pinterest boards, images or links of design spaces you like or of pieces of furniture you like. All of this is done easily through our online system once you purchase your room design project.

Do photos need to be a certain file type?

"Jpeg" is most commonly used, and would be the most preferred file type. You may use your smartphones to capture images of your room. Most importantly, the images must clearly capture the room layout, and products you’d like to keep.

However, if you have images in other file formats, you may also upload them and our designers will do their best to work with those files. Otherwise, your designer may contact you for further details.

Can I edit my project details once I have submitted them?

You can edit your inspiration and room photos within 48 hours after submitting your project details. After which, you will not be able to edit such details in order for your designer to start working on your project and complete it within the stipulated timeline.

However, all our packages allow up to two revisions during the ‘initial concept’ phase. Which means, you may still change your style/preference in the initial stage.

I have an open floor plan, how does that work?

We define rooms as separate spaces or living areas. So for example, if you want to create two separate spaces in one large space, such as a living area and a dining area, your designer will work on two separate Room Designs.

How do I figure out my room dimensions?

When you fill out the questionnaire, we’ll ask you for your room measurements. Use a measuring tape to collect the length and width of your room. Be sure to also include ceiling height and window/doorway dimensions. If you have specific questions regarding room measurements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I do not have an existing floorplan to upload?

Need answer for this question...

What payment methods do you accept?

All payment will be made through PayPal for all Room Design project packages.

What if I like things from both concept boards, or want different suggestions?

We allow up to two rounds of design revisions. In fact, we encourage you to be specific about your likes and dislikes in each board. Your designer will use this feedback to create a final design you’ll love.

When will I receive my initial design concepts?

You will receive an introduction to your designer within a few days of filling out your questionnaire. After the introduction, your designer will begin working on your project. You’ll receive two initial design concept boards in your email within 3-4 working days. Have a tight project timeline? Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

What exactly are the two initial concepts?

Initial concepts are a collage of images that will reflect the major furnishings, colour scheme, and general direction your interior designer has in mind for your space. Your feedback is essential for your designer to get to the final design. After receiving your input, your designer will revise the concept board and once that is confirmed, your designer will move on to create the 3D visualisation of your space.


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